Important notes in CNC precision mechanical machining.

Những lưu ý quan trọng trong gia công cơ khí chính xác CNC
Ensuring labor safety is necessary and essential in any industry or field, including mechanical manufacturing and precisely precision mechanical machining. Mechanical processing technology using automation is rising and plays a vital role in industrial development. However, it also contains potential elements and poses dangers to workers. Therefore, to ensure labor safety in the mechanical workshop, we first need to understand the concept of safety and safety measures to proactively prevent and contribute to ensuring the lives of people and property. If you are working in the field of mechanical processing, especially machining with CNC technology, let’s learn about the necessary notes in this machining process in the following article.
  1. What should be paid attention to when operating a CNC machine to ensure safety?
  • Work clothes must be neat and avoid being entangled and bumped into the machinery being transported. Should choose a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, but must ensure fit and neatness.
  • Limit wearing jewelry during CNC machine operation if not necessary.
  • When operating the milling machine at high speed, it is recommended to use safety glasses and protective masks. Because when the CNC machine runs strongly, it splashes debris, easily damaging the eyes.
  • The hair is neat because the work page is accidentally caught in the processing machine, which is very dangerous. 
  • Always wear safety shoes to avoid stepping on the workpiece or accidentally falling into a heavy object.
  • Before the operation, it is necessary to check the machine to detect and handle errors in time to avoid unexpected accidents. 
  1. Notes when using CNC tools for machining.
  • Cutting mode is the first factor to keep in mind in efficient machining. The cutting mode is a decisive factor in the accuracy and productivity of the machining process. Therefore, the cutting mode needs to be selected scientifically and accurately is the first step to do.
  • Appropriately selecting tool structure, geometrical parameters, grinding and cutting methods, etc., is a prerequisite for processing products according to customer requirements.
  • However, choosing the cutting mode to bring high efficiency depends on the direct operator’s in-depth technical knowledge of the machine. This is the process of using the cutting mode according to the drawing; the mechanic must fully and in detail annotate the information about the size, shape, surface gloss, material characteristics (steel, iron, etc.), ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel…) to conduct precise and satisfactory mechanical machining.
  1. What needs to be done to operate CNC machining machines effectively?

To ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around, the person directly operating the processing machine should pay attention to the following contents:

  • Before starting the operation, it is necessary to check the cutting tools very carefully and make sure they are securely attached to the spindle before operation.
  • In case the workpiece is accidentally soiled by the cutting solution, absolutely do not pick it up by hand, but clean the workpiece with a brush or use a vacuum cleaner. Note that clean the workpiece only when the knife is stopped for safety. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check the machine table for every small detail because a small crack has also affected the machining accuracy.
  • The area for the CNC machine needs to be kept clean, not letting the workpiece, spilt oil or cooling water cause slipping and obstructing the operator.
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