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    Overview of forging technology

    Technology overview

    Forging is a process that has been applied for a long time; the development of technology has improved the forging process with modern and specialized machines and equipment that support traditional forging methods, thereby achieving Higher production efficiency, quantity and quality assurance. The essence of the forging process is to use external forces applied to ductile materials to change the workpiece with the required shape and size.

    Currently, there are two main forging methods: free forging and die forging (block stamping). Different forging methods are flexibly applied based on the product’s characteristics to be processed. As follows:

    • Free forging is the process of processing metal under the action of an external force through a hand hammer or a machine hammer to deform the workpiece. The billet is heated to a temperature above 900°C to turn the metal into a plastic state, then placed on an anvil and hammered to change the shape of the billet as required.
    • Die forging (block stamping) is a processing process that deforms the metal in the mould cavity under the force of stamping metal is deformed in the mould cavity under the action of the impact force.

    Compared with free forging, die forging has the following characteristics:

    • Die forging offers higher forging accuracy and quality than free forging.
    • Capable of machining complex parts.
    • High productivity
    • Easy to mechanize and automate
    • However, the high cost of mold making makes the forging method suitable for mass production.


    • With a team of experienced technicians, 83MEC always ensures the design and processing of moulds for die forging (block stamping) technology, so the sample-making time is shortened, quickly responding to customers’ orders.
    • 83MEC is equipped with specialized modern lines, equipment and machines and has an extensive workshop system that can process large output with forging technology. Some outstanding machines at 83MEC are as follows:

    ✅ Hammer machine 250kg

    ✅ 1.5T Steam Hammer

    ✅ 150kg hammer machine

    ✅ Fully Hydraulic Closed Die Forging Hammer

    ✅ Shot blasting machine

    ✅ Induction medium frequency furnace 1500°C

    ✅ Frequency furnace (electrical cabinet, induction loop, cooling system) … and other specialized machines.