To help you better visualize the working process to have the highest quality, meticulous and precise mechanical products at 83MEC. We want to disclose the standard 6-step method in the workflow as follows:
– Step 1 (RECEIVE INQUIRY): Receive drawings or sample products by post, email or meet in person to facilitate specific exchanges with customers.
– Step 2 (DESIGN CONSULTATION & PRICE ESTIMATE): We will make a manufacturing plan, process details and send a quote quickly.
– Step 3 (SIGN CONTRACT): Sign the Contract and finalize the progress, supply time, and payment to ensure optimal and consistent with your desired needs.
– Step 4 (PRODUCTION AND QUALITY CONTROL): The Engineering Department will conduct and closely monitor the processing and manufacturing process according to orders. QC department will check and accept 100% of products to ensure the best quality before handing them over to you.
– Step 5 (Handover and CLEARANCE OF CONTRACT): We will hand over the products to you for acceptance and finalization of the Contract as agreed.
– Step 6 (CUSTOMER CARE AFTER SALES): We regularly store customer information to exchange, provide support, and promptly handle problems when using products stemming from errors of the manufacturer. 83MEC always listens to your comments to improve the quality of products and services that we provide.
Above is the 6-step process that 83MEC wants to share with you. We hope this article helps you better understand our working process and have more confidence in 83MEC‘s ​​products and services.