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    Stamping Technology at 83MEC

    What is sheet stamping technology?
    • Sheet metal stamping, also known as metal bending, is a method of pressure processing to change the shape of metal through bending, bending and folding materials in sheets or steel plates. The plate stamping process can take place in both hot and cold states, cold working is also known as cold stamping.
    • Stamping metal sheets under the influence of external forces causes plastic deformation on steel plates or rolls without generating any harmful emissions, so it does not pollute the environment.
    • The metal punching method produces products with uniform quality, style, and high precision.
    • Processing for various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, iron, steel,..
    • The optimal choice for mass production is in large quantities because of the minimal error rate. Precise mould-making from the beginning minimizes errors when entering a mass stamping line with the same design and size.
    • Equipment is automated, thereby saving labour and shortening processing time.
    • Flexible processing according to customer requirements with many shapes such as round, square, flat, and diamond, …
    • The machining process has little difference in shape and size compared to the workpiece, thereby minimizing errors, increasing productivity and reducing costs for the company.

    Why choose sheet stamping processing at 83MEC?

    • Currently, to meet the increasing demand for metal processing with various requirements for design shapes and sizes. Understanding that problem, 83MEC has flexibly invested in advanced technology and machinery to meet the needs of sheet stamping processing according to customers’ requirements. With over 40 years of experience in metal processing, we produce punching products according to various parameters that customers require. Make sure the finished product is always of the best quality. In addition to ensuring product quality, 83MEC is Vietnam’s most competitive sheet metal stamping unit. We can meet large orders for domestic and export projects with a large factory system and modern machinery.
    • The automatic stamping line at 83MEC is equipped with modern and specialized equipment such as:

    – 60T stamping machine

    – Horizontal stamping machine

    – AMADA stamping machine 200T

    – Stamping machine

    – Hydraulic Stamping Machine

    – Duplex stamping machine

    – etc…
    • One of the outstanding products produced mainly from the plate stamping process at 83MEC is a metal box – ammo can box (also known as a multi-purpose toolbox), a product that meets international standards and has a high export value to many countries such as the USA, Canada, Singapore, Sweden, ..
    • If you need sheet metal punching processing as required. Contact us immediately through the forms below to receive more preferential policies from 83MEC. Or please leave your phone number/email directly on the website to receive support quickly.