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3 Nozzles Fire Hydrant

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Trụ cứu hỏa 3 cửa Bộ Quốc Phòng

3 Nozzles Fire Hydrant 

3 Nozzles Fire Hydrant is a specialized device installed into the water supply pipe system to collect water for fire fighting, and is suitable for installation on large campus streets with internal roads.

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  • The risk of fire is always hidden and threatens us in any situation. Therefore, along with today’s social development, fire prevention has been focused, strictly followed, and requires higher standards. In particular, fire prevention products are said to be effective assistants for fire fighting, especially fire hydrants. Understanding that urgency, 83MEC has produced and supplied to the market the “Ministry of Defense’s 3-door fire hydrant” product with many outstanding advantages compared to other fire hydrant products.
  • The pole is installed in the water supply pipe of the residential area to collect water in time to fight the fire.
  • The 3-door fire hydrant is manufactured by 83MEC (Ministry of Defense), has a 3-body structure, meets the design standards of TCVN 6379-1998 and the quality standards of ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Body and valve are made of anti-corrosion material, with mechanical properties.
  • The product has been registered as an industrial design by the National Office of Intellectual Property.
  • Products manufactured by are tested and stamped by the Fire Fighting and Prevention Police.
  • Products with anti-counterfeiting stamps (QR code) and 24 months warranty from the date of delivery
  • Design specifications: TCVN 6379 – 1998
  • Material: Iron
  • Color: Red – Gray
  • Surface hydrant inner body diameter: 125mm
  • Inside diameter of the out valve 
    • Big hydrant:  110mm
    • Small hydrant: 69mm
  • Inlet flange parameters:
    • Number of bolt holes: 08
    • Bolt hole diameter: 19mm
    • Diameter coordinates of bolt hole: 180mm
  • Operating pressure: PN10
  • Size: 1500 x 348 x 288mm
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Origin: Viet Nam


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