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    What is lost wax casting process?
    • Casting is one of the earliest known metal forming processes, dating back 6,000 years, and is used to cast basic to complex metal structures in a variety of metals (such as gold, silver, brass or stainless steel).

      Metal castings are formed using a technique known as “wax release.” The base wax model has a shape similar to a casting and can fire at moderate temperatures. After the wax prototype is available, a ceramic mold for metal casting will be created. The metal is placed into the mold and allowed to solidify until the casting has reached its final state. Wax casting is the method of choice for engineers in the high-precision manufacturing industry due to its precision and quality advantages.

    Attached to the production of melt casting since the company’s founding in 1981, we are proud to be one of Vietnam’s earliest manufacturers of lost foam casting. Our development strategy is to establish a connection between domestic and international markets for casting products. We believe that experience cannot be replaced. In addition, customer service, quality control, a focus on distribution, and a growing market share will position us as one of the largest and most reputable foundry manufacturers. In Vietnam, flow samples are collected. Our team has extensive experience producing precision components for mechanical, defense, etc. applications.

    83MEC has specialized apparatus and equipment to provide consumers with the highest quality injection molded products, including:

    • Wax cleansing apparatus
      2 nozzle wax pump (hydraulic wax injection molding)
      Wax separation evaporator
    • Wax water separator
    • Two-layer wax vessel (F600x400)……