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PA120 Ammo Metal Box

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PA120 Ammo Metal Box

The PA120 Ammo Metal Box has a capacity of 11 liters designed and built to NATO military standards. The product is used to store tools, make a sidecar for motorcycles, motorbikes, and jeeps, and decorate corners to collect war memorabilia. If you need a product to store, preserve and transport goods safely, store and conveniently, the multi-purpose ammunition box is a good choice for you.

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  • It helps to store devices in just one handy and versatile toolbox.
  • The box is designed with a convenient carrying handle, easy to carry.
  • The box is made of high-grade steel with a cold-rolled thickness through corrosion treatment, providing high durability, no rust, and no warping.
  • Surface electrostatic spraying is smooth, anti-scratch and anti-corrosion.
  • Solid construction helps tools and equipment be fixed, is anti-collision during movement, avoids scratches or damage, and protects the items inside.
  • There is a layer of rubber gasket to help prevent water, ensuring airtightness. When cleaning, pay attention not to scratch the gasket and avoid collision with sharp objects.
  • Anti-mold protects tools and equipment from weather effects: sun, rain, etc., which affects equipment quality.
  • The smooth surface makes cleaning easy. However, avoid using a stiff brush to scratch the surface when cleaning; use an ordinary cleaning solution, soft cloth or soft brush.
  • Avoid leaving the box in a place where the temperature is too high.
  • Products meet international quality standards and have been exported to countries such as the USA, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, and more.
  • Produced by 83MEC
  • Size:  476,5 x161,5 x263,92 (mm)
  • Weight:  5.9 kg 
  • Capacity: 11 Liters
  • Orgin: Viet Nam


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