What is lost foam casting

    The technology of lost foam casting is used to cast a variety of alloy materials into small and medium-sized products. Materials for the application of fire casting technology are extremely varied, ranging from alloy steel to carbon steel, non-ferrous alloys, gray cast iron, etc. Casting in foam yields products with high precision and accuracy. Ensure casting surface quality and add aesthetic value to the final product.

    • The lost foam casting method permits the production of intricate castings. In addition, this method of metal casting can produce castings with high precision and excellent surface surfaces.
    • This method has fewer manufacturing stages than liquid casting, foam is less expensive than wax, and it can be a more cost-effective casting method.
    • This method of molding utilizes polystyrene that is simple to manipulate, thereby increasing design and fabrication flexibility.

    The lost foam casting technique is utilized by 83MEC as a suitable replacement for traditional casting technology, as traditional casting requires a sample withdrawal stage prior to mold creation. It takes time to unload and sanitize the mold, which is a disadvantage of the traditional casting method, which also results in inaccurate castings.

    83MEC uses the lost foam casting method in manufacturing to save time and money, as the sample does not need to be removed from the mold after processing. When a liquid metal at a high temperature is poured into a porous sample, the sample ignites and forms a casting. Therefore, this technique is accurate, nearly error-free, and labor-saving.

    At 83MEC, lost foam casting is primarily used for gearbox components, sophisticated steel pipelines, and 3D models…

    83MEC’s use of standard and modern apparatus and equipment lines in production has resulted in increased productivity, high-quality finished products, and reduced production costs. Specifically, the following are common varieties of machines:

    • 3T Crane (cast iron house)
    • 2.5T Crane (steel casting house)
    • 250Kg . Steel Casting Furnace
    • Foam prototyping system + electrical cabinet
    • CNC Foam Cutting Machine

    At 83MEC, we specialize in receiving high-precision machining services, always employing cutting-edge casting technology and fully outfitted with the most advanced machinery to satisfy customers’ most stringent