83MEC – The preparation for the official Factory Acceptance Test for metal boxes

83 Mechanical Company was glad to welcome our customer representatives to visit our factory and work on the factory acceptance testing (FAT) for metal boxes for 2 days (04/12/2023 – 05/12/2023). It is an important step to prepare for the official factory acceptance testing in Jan 2024.

Image: 83MEC introduces the factory’s production capacity to our customers

83MEC with our partners worked smoothly about the preparation for the factory acceptance testing (FAT) for the last 2 working days, which contributed to strengthening the cooperative relationship between the parties. In these days, our customers were introduced about 83MEC general information, machines, technology as well as production capacity that are necessary for the official FAT. This is also a great opportunity for 83MEC to introduce and affirm its international reputation through the direct evaluation from our customers.

In recent years, 83MEC’s export activities have been increasingly focused and actively promoted, especially for metal boxes. With the vision of becoming a leading mechanical engineering company in the region, 83MEC always strives to research, innovate, and improve not only our technical expertise and product quality but also the design to meet the most stringent standards of international customers. Passing factory acceptance testing will be a clear practical demonstration of 83MEC’s efforts in diversifying products and improving product quality.

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Image: Customers were introduced about 83MEC metal-box production technology.

Customer satisfaction is always the driving force for 83MEC to develop in all aspects. Finally, we would like to thank our customers for allowing us to work in a professional international environment and hope that this good cooperative relationship will continue to be strengthened in the coming years, especially in 2024.

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