Mr. VUONG CHI TOAI – The Director of 83 Mechanical Company won the prize of “Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs 2023”

On December 23, 2023, the representatives of 83MEC were honored to attend the ” Top Brand Vietnam 2023″ award ceremony. At the ceremony, 83MEC Director – Mr. Vuong Chi Toai was awarded the prize – ” Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs 2023″ which is a prestigious award for individuals having high achievements in business leadership in the past year and making positive contributions to the economic development of Vietnam.

In 2016, Mr. Vuong Chi Toai was appointed to the position of Director of 83 Mechanical Company, the person who takes the greatest responsibility for the development of the whole company. The status of production and business activities was stable at that time but there were no breakthroughs, which raised a question to the leader about how to affirm the company’s position in the market.

As a good leader, he always pays close attention to the benefits of employees and encourages creativity in production and business activities. He paid special attention to improving technical expertise; mobilizing resources of science and technology to enhance production capacity, and directly and drastically directing market development activities.

Mr. Vuong Chi Toai has greatly contributed to the prosperity of 83MEC, one of the leading mechanical manufacturers in Vietnam, with his bravery, creativity, and decisiveness in investment and market development.

While building a strong brand for their products to improve their competitiveness by conducting marketing research, positioning the business, and identifying strategic products, 83 Mechanical Company has invested in machines and equipment for long-term development. 83 Mechanical Company now has been fully equipped with machines, technology, and automation equipment such as precision casting technology, forging, stamping, precision mechanical processing, surface treatment, and electrostatic powder coating. ….

83MEC emphasizes the diversity of products, researches and develops new products, especially focused on the synchronization of firefighting equipment in the domestic market. With that effort, 83MEC fire protection products have occupied 60% of the market share in the North of Vietnam. Some products for export such as metal boxes, and grills… have been approaching large markets such as the US, and EU with international certificates of quality.

In addition, the Director also promotes international trade with effective activities such as: participating in exhibitions; developing a website to advertise the company’s products and capacity; building brand identity; and registering product copyrights and quality certificates for export products…

Thanks to Mr.Toai’s contribution, the company still maintains stability and has reached its goals. 83MEC’s revenue in 2023 to nearly 1,000 billion VND (of which, the revenue from export reached over 180 billion VND).

Recognizing the importance of the human factor, Mr. Vuong Chi Toai focuses much on employees’ benefits to encourage and create a good working environment for them so that they can show the highest performance. Salaries and bonuses are reasonably distributed based on the yearly revenue. During 2022-2023, 83MEC has built the “3P salary” according to each officer and worker’s contribution and working efficiency, which encourages workers to stick to the company. In 2023, the average income of workers will reach 17,282 million VND/person/month.

Being creative and decisive in investment, research and market development, and strict management, Mr. Vuong Chi Toai has gradually brought 83MEC to constantly grow in the field of mechanical processing, increasingly affirming the position and reputation of 83MEC throughout the more than 40-year development.

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