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In recent years, Z183 (83MEC – 83 Mechanical Company Limited) has actively mobilized science and technology resources to produce commercial products, especially export goods, which contributes to affirming the company’s capacity and reputation in the market.

The leaders determined the goals that contribute to the development of 83MEC until 2030: Effectively using existing technology resources like machines, production lines; increasing investment in new equipment for production of economic goods; actively conducting research and applying technology advances into production; innovating and modernizing production lines and machines to improve production efficiency and product quality; encouraging the application of information technology in production management; actively implementing digital transformation and building a smart factory.”

83MEC leaders focused on mobilizing science and technology, improving technical proficiency for all officers and workers; adjusting and rearranging the workforce on production lines; reviewing the number of staff in the back office to ensure the lean and effective organizational structure. 83MEC made efforts to strengthen internal management; supplement and amend new regulations; optimize factory layout design to improve production efficiency; and promote research activities for the development of commercial goods, including traditional products and new products.

83MEC actively applies technology to fully exploit production lines and equipment, such as stamping equipment system, shell processing equipment, and machining (turning, milling, grinding, casting, forging, heat treatment, surface treatment…). The company also promotes cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to proactively invest in science and technology innovation and develop production technology.

Since 2019, 83MEC has invested in purchasing 12 new equipment and machines, with a total cost of nearly 6 billion VND from the “Science and Technology Development Fund” for production of exported goods. With this effective investment, our company has produced many new products, such as metal boxes, grills, phosphor barrel lids, lights, fire hydrants, water valves…. which are highly appreciated by customers for their quality, design and competitive prices.

Foreign customers visit the export metal box production lines at 83MEC. Photo: BAO LINH

Additionally, since 2018, 83MEC has conducted 20 scientific research projects, nearly 400 technical innovations and improvements, and applied over 500 Kaizen ideas to production to improve productivity and quality. For examples, “Solution to automate the processing of details of metal boxes”; and “Automatic drying system for electrostatic powder coating products”… Besides, we actively research and applies some software to update and record information on progress and parameters to promptly adjust and improve the performance of lines and sites. These are breakthrough initiatives and solutions in science and technology that help increase technological capacity, the accuracy of details and the aesthetics of products as well as saving costs.

Thanks to mobilizing scientific and technological resources to serve production, it has contributed to bringing 83MEC’s revenue in 2023 to nearly 1,000 billion VND (of which, the revenue from export reached over 180 billion VND).

Through mobilizing science and technology resources, 83MEC has improved production processes and exported to countries: USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Singapore, Middle East. In particular, 83MEC metal boxes got UN certificate which is eligible to export goods to the European market. It brings the continuous revenue growth and improves income of workers, reduce working hours of workers. In 2018, the average overtime of workers was 0.67 hours/person/day; In 2023, it will decrease to 0.28 hours/person/day; the heavy steps in workers’ operations have also been reduced to ensure labor safety.

Metal box production lines at 83MEC. Photo: BAO LINH

83MEC strives for to rise the revenue by over 15%/year during 2022-2025; the revenue for export will increase by over 20%/year. To complete these goals, we try to strongly innovate and synchronize about technology to enhance productivity and product quality, encourage departments to apply technology advances in their work. In addition, 83MEC focuses on attracting, appreciating and rewarding talents in the field of science and technology; aims to form a generation of young staff with innovative, dynamic thinking, which helps the company meet customer requirements in the global market.

“83MEC has a lot of good policies on attracting, appreciating and rewarding talents in the field of science and technology, encouraging the young with innovative thinking, dynamism, capable of meeting task requirements.”

 (Mr.Vuong Chi Toai, Director of 83MEC)

With synchronous and appropriate solutions, 83MEC will strive to meet increasing customer requirements, continue to develop sustainably, actively participate in the global supply chain, contribute to the sustainable economic development of the country.

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