Why choose 83MEC when you need precision mechanical machining?

gia công cơ khí cnc tại 83MEC

83MEC uses various methods in CNC machining to flexibly produce according to customer requirements from the simplest to the most complex parts. Currently, there are 83MEC to 5 methods of precision mechanical machining with specific characteristics and uses, specifically as follows:

1. CNC Milling Machining

  • The CNC milling machine at 83MEC can cut many types of materials such as steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc. At the same time, it can process on complex planes, curved surfaces, molds, connecting rods, etc. machine parts…
  • CNC milling is the process of cutting materials with a rotary cutter. The blade adopts two movements to shape metal parts: a 3-way reciprocating motion and a rotary milling cutter.

2. CNC Turning Machining

  • Similar to CNC milling, CNC lathes are used to manufacture cylindrical objects. The workpiece will rotate, and the cutting tool will make a slight cut into the workpiece, cut off excess material and shape it to the required shape with standard specifications according to the drawing.
  • CNC turning to the machine can create many products from simple to complex such as machine parts, cubes, gear cutting, and chamfering, …

3. CNC drilling machining

  • This machining process uses a high-precision drill blade to drill holes in metal and material surfaces. Drill bits are manufactured with different depths, which is performed continuously and reduces construction time. With outstanding advantages in accuracy, CNC drilling is applied to machining holes on the surface of the product block following production requirements.

4. CNC grinding machining

  • CNC grinding is used to grind the surface of high-hardness materials such as hard alloys and hardened steel. The process helps the material’s surface become smooth, abrasive, removes stains and rust on the surface, making the subsequent surface finishing process more accessible and of better quality. Most significantly, at 83MEC we have owned a modern and precise forging grinding machine system operated by professional and experienced technicians. Our system of precision forging grinding machines, such as centerless grinders, NC round grinders, digital display flat grinders, etc., can process samples with high precision for all kinds of magnetic threads. , ensure product durability.

5. Plasma mechanical machining

  • Use a cutting machine to cut metal surfaces with high-energy, high-temperature beams. The process causes melting on the material’s surface but happens very quickly and in a tiny position, thereby helping to create sharp cuts.


83MEC is confident to be a leader in the field of precision mechanical processing on demand. With 41 years of experience, the team of engineers and mechanics of 83MEC has processed products that meet international standards and are exported to other countries. We constantly learn and accumulate proper values ​​to meet customer requirements with the most suitable solution. 83MEC with our internal strength, we are committed to processing on schedule and with top quality.

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