Polishing method for metal surface treatment

đánh bóng bề mặt kim loại

Metal polishing is a process that improves the finish and aesthetics of the metal, thereby increasing the product’s value. This technique aids in the elimination of product flaws and the improvement of the metal’s surface smoothness and luster. After that, the product’s value is also enhanced. 

Workers must adhere to stringent procedures to achieve the method’s objective. The process of metal surface polishing at 83MEC will be discussed in today’s article. 

I. Automatic/semi-automatic polishing of metal surfaces offers numerous benefits.

Through automatic or semi-automatic polishing, modern metal surface treatments are not only highly efficient but also cost-effective. Compared to manual polishing, this technique saves both time and money. Many businesses have adopted automatic/semi-automatic polishing techniques to ensure product quality and expedite work. 

In the era of industrialization and modernization, with the support of various equipment and modern machinery, the market for polishing and metal surface treatment has also become more standardized and demanding. so many. Numerous output standards must be met by the products produced along the path of modern development. 

II. Learn about polishing metal surfaces semi-automatically

The worker is directly responsible for operating, inspecting, and overseeing the entire semi-automatic polishing procedure. When the polishing requirements have been satisfied, the employee will stop the polishing machine and remove the product. Simply put, semi-automatic indicates that humans and machines contribute “effort.” 

On the market today, there are numerous semi-automatic polishing machines, which include metal polishing machines with mechanical grinding technology, vibration technology, sandblasting… and some chemical methods. other. 

III. How does polishing equipment operate?

Vibrating polishing machines include the following machines:

+ Three-way vibrator with cambered cage or U-shaped/rectangular cage 

+ Centrifugal cage machine + Tube polishing machine 

– Mechanism of polishing machine operation: The product requiring polishing is combined with the grinding material by a mechanism utilizing vibration shock. Can identify some grinding materials, such as polishing balls and stones. Using the frictional force to smooth the product’s surface and enhance its sheen, more specialized polishing chemicals are required. 

– Product drying is one of the subsequent essential processes. Following polishing, the product can be dried using a vibration dryer or centrifugal dryer. This procedure aids in preventing the product’s surface from becoming rusted or patchy due to numerous water stains. 

– Enumerate the types of mechanical grinding machines: 

+ Types of belt grinders + Double-shaft grinding machines + Machine systems for automatic/semiautomatic processing. With this machine system, workers must install armor, felt, coir, and cloth cake at both ends. The worker then applies wax and water to the surface of the abrasive. Then they press the button to activate it. When the abrasive material rotates rapidly, a large frictional force is generated to help smooth the product’s surface. 

=> For all three phases, both vibrating and mechanical polishing machines can be utilized (rough, medium, and fine polishing). 83MEC will introduce and recommend appropriate equipment, grinding materials, and auxiliary solvents based on the customer’s requirements. 

IV. Understand automatic polishing

– The automatic polishing machine operates without the need for human intervention (worker). 

– Shot blasting/sandblasting blasting machines are common types of automatic polishing machines currently in use. + Blasting/sandblasting machine: Closed circulation is the method of operation according to the process. In this process, abrasive sand or steel balls are sprayed directly onto the surface of the product with a tremendous amount of force. The goal is to hone or polish the product’s exterior. In the engine room, all polishing and collection processes are performed quickly and automatically. The sprayer (gun) is automatically programmed to ensure the spray process yields a different standard quantity, thereby preventing wasteful losses. By reducing labor costs and increasing work efficiency, manufacturers will save a substantial amount of money using automatic sprayers. 

83MEC3 is proud to be one of the industry’s foremost providers of a wide range of metal surface treatments, with over 40 years of work experience. With extensive research and expertise from countries at the forefront of industrial development, 83MEC promises to deliver advanced and superior metal polishing techniques, allowing customers to save both time and money. In addition, the aesthetic quality of the product’s surface treatment efficiency is maintained. 

Please contact 83MEC immediately for more information on modern surface treatment options for metals that are suited to your needs.

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