Heat treatment of metals and a series of advantages bring economic benefits.

As one of the most significant methods contributing to the mechanical and metallurgical industries, heat treatment, also known as heat treatment, modifies the metal’s structure to achieve the desired properties. up material. In addition to the specific industries of metal production, heat treatment is widely used in a variety of other industries, such as glass production. This process involves heating and cooling metal in a tightly controlled manner to modify its physical and mechanical properties, such as softening or hardening the material, creating wear resistance, increasing bending ability, or increasing the material’s impact resistance. 

It is a significant factor that determines the product’s quality, but the cost of heat treatment is relatively low and it has a wide range of applications. Therefore, numerous businesses in Vietnam invest heavily in heat treatment technology. Combining the effects of plastic deformation and heat treatment or chemical and heat treatment enables companies to drastically alter the properties of metallic materials. 

1. The benefits of heat treatment 

1.1 The application of heat improves mechanical properties 

  • Known as a technique that provides significant mechanical benefits, such as increased hardness, strength, and toughness of the material – Priority considerations when selecting a material—select materials for the production of various types of products. 
  • After undergoing heat treatment to increase hardness, the impact resistance and bearing capacity of the material are enhanced. 
  • Heat treatment prolongs product life by enhancing its resistance to wear 
  • The material’s ability to withstand heavy loads is a result of heat treatment. 
  • Heat treatment helps businesses optimize input costs. 
  • Creating favorable conditions for the processing of the product: The heat treatment process improves the productivity of product processing, reduces errors, and conserves labor. and simple to correct. 

1.2 Economic and scientific importance of thermal processing 

In addition to enhancing the mechanical properties of a material, heat treatment also contributes to the enhancement of the product’s quality in more macroscopic areas, including 

  • Enhancing the technological value of the product. 
  • Increase profits and enhance the business’s reputation. 
  • Contribute to the growth of the mechanical industry’s economy. 
  • As one of the metrics used to evaluate the level and growth of technology and science in the industry among companies and nations. 

If you are interested in heat treatment methods that are suitable for your products, 83 MEC’s more than 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering in general and heat treatment technology in particular are certain to produce excellent results. This article will assist you in selecting the best method for your product.

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