Exports are no longer a ‘bottleneck’ at 83 MEC

In the context of integration, 83MEC has consistently developed its own internal resources to be able to access international markets. However, developing its own internal resources is insufficient; it also requires partners’ consensus and cooperation.
The partner’s cooperation agreement is not only a tribute to product quality, but also a close collaboration to assist 83MEC in removing non-tariff barriers in each country. Every country in the world uses non-tariff measures in a manner that best protects domestic production. Even though Vietnam has joined the WTO, non-tariff barriers will continue to be progressively eliminated, and countries still have their own tools to limit the import of goods; obstacles on import procedures account for 89% of customs clearance in your country. This is unavoidable in the context of an open market economy, where competition between businesses is intensifying.
So, what did 83MEC do to eliminate the ‘Knob’ to facilitate export?
Understanding the situation of tax barriers, 83MEC actively collaborated with intermediary companies from the outset of its work on the production of goods for international partners. These intermediary companies are reputable, have an in-depth knowledge of the international market, and are familiar with the issues associated with exporting goods. We also coordinate negotiation meetings with international partners in order to comprehend the ‘knots’ in your country’s import problems, from which we can derive appropriate solutions, thereby facilitating the importation of goods by our customers.
This effort has been reflected in the outcomes, which are quantifiable. More significantly, international partners have placed their trust in 83. MEC, which has accompanied 83 MECs for more than ten years of integration and development. 83MEC’s annual exports exceed $2,000,000, and international partners have placed their faith in 83. MEC.

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