shipping policy

1. Scope of application

All customers who buy products and use services of 83MEC at home and abroad.

83MEC applies a free delivery policy within a range of no more than 200km.
To be flexible in the shipping process, we use a variety of shipping methods, specifically as follows:
– Express delivery (applicable to orders with small quantities, compact goods).
– Direct delivery at the agreed location under the Contract between the two parties (applicable to all products provided by83MEC , large quantities of goods).
– Receive goods directly at the company if you have a need (applicable to all products and services we provide).
– Some other forms of delivery depending on the nature of the product.
  • Delivery time depends on the type of goods, production time, geographical distance and shipping method. This will be accepted in the Transaction Contract.
  • Before shipping, we will inform you about the delivery time & cost.
    In the meantime, if you have any questions about product shipping, please contact the hotline (+84) 2163.825.72 for timely support and answers.
  • The company is only responsible for the risks for the product, such as loss or damage during the transportation of goods from the company to the delivery place agreed under the Contract.
  • We encourage you to check the product’s condition before signing the delivery receipt to ensure that the goods are delivered in the correct type and quantity according to the order and the condition is not defective or damaged. If you find that the goods are damaged, scratched, broken, dented, or not according to the agreement, please immediately notify the Customer Care Department at hotline 0349.597.889 for timely settlement. If you sign the delivery receipt at the point of delivery, it means that the product you received at that time has no problems, and we will not settle any complaints, which are then related to the product’s condition.
  • If you actively choose the shipping service, you must take full responsibility for the risks of goods, such as loss, damage, scratches, and breakage during transportation. At the same time, we will bear all freight and related loss (if any).
  • The Company and you will reasonably agree on all costs incurred during transportation.
  • The Company only delivers the goods to the correct recipient you provided when signing the Contract. During the delivery process, if there is any change in the recipient information, but it is unclear without prior notice, we have the right to refuse delivery and ask you to come and receive the goods directly at the Company.
  • If the Company has shipped the goods to the delivery location as agreed in the Contract, but for some reason (not within the scope of the Company’s responsibility for return and exchange), you request to return the goods. , the product must bear all shipping costs according to the unit price specified by the carrier and be compensated according to the scope of responsibility under the Contract.
  • Please support cooperation in delivering heavy and bulky goods that need to be transported up high, rugged terrain.