payment policy

1. Payment regulations
– The total amount to be paid includes taxes, design and production costs, shipping fees and other costs incurred within the parties’ responsibilities of the parties.
– Payment currency: We accept payment in local or foreign currency.
– You only pay when you are delighted with the product and the quality of service we provide. We will not charge any fees without your agreement.
– For customers wishing to buy, produce, design and process in large quantities, please contact us for a reasonable price policy. Contact here
– Based on the characteristics of each product, service, and detailed sample, we will have relatively different customization of the payment policy, all of which will be agreed upon with you to bring the most suitable and convenient when signing the official contract.
  • We flexibly accept all payment methods by Vietnamese laws and general international rules.
  • We encourage cashless payment in transactions. However, if a transaction needs to be paid in cash, the Company and the Customer will agree to agree on a trade to ensure safety and comply with the provisions of law.

The transfer request must clearly state the full name (individual or business), tax codes and transfer payments for any products, services, contracts and invoices. After the transfer, we will contact you to confirm and proceed with the delivery (should include a stamped payment authorization or successful transfer notification for quick verification). If we do not deliver the goods after the agreed time or have no response, you can file a complaint directly with the Company and ask for compensation if it is proved that the delay has affected your business.