guarantee policy

Any product after being put into use, is always affected by the surrounding environment, so all products must have a warranty policy. In which mechanical products, metal processing is no exception and requires a separate warranty policy based on the characteristics of each product. Please read carefully about our warranty policy as follows:

1. Warranty coverage

– The product is defective by the manufacturer and must still have the warranty period specified in the Contract.
– You provide all relevant warranty documents as prescribed by 83MEC.

– The product is not manufactured or distributed by 83MEC.
– Loss of warranty card; warranty card does not specify product code and date of purchase; product code and warranty card information do not match. (Each product code/order code corresponds to the information recorded on the warranty card)
– The product is defective due to subjective reasons from the customer, such as denting, deformation due to impact, or incorrect use of instructions,…
– The product is damaged for objective reasons such as fire, natural disaster, flood, electrical short, or lightning strike,…
– You arbitrarily interfere with the product or take it to another facility for repair before notifying the warranty claim to 83MEC.

83MEC continues to provide technical support to you in the event of no warranty. Based on the actual conditions and needs of the customer, the Company and the customer can exchange to repair the product for free or charge.

2. warranty process

When you encounter problems related to the product, please get in touch with us for warranty support.
Details of our warranty process are as follows:
– Step 1: Call customer support at hotline number 0349.597.889 for instructions. To help us correctly predict the error condition, please provide complete information related to the product error during use or the problem situation that you encounter.
– Step 2: Check the physical condition, warranty stamp and related warranty papers (if any).
– Step 3: Receive and notify the estimated warranty processing time to you. Carry out warranty and repair according to the provisions of 83MEC.
– Step 4: After completing the warranty repair and troubleshooting, we will contact you to check and hand over the product after the warranty.