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    Overview of DEEP DRAWING PRESS

    • Hydraulic stamping or Deep drawing press, also known as sheet metal stamping, is a method of processing metal by a mould under tremendous pressure. The details are created with a deep cavity, mainly cylinders, squares, and rectangles. In which the metal sheet is put into the mould and then shaped with a punch, and the depth of the part is more significant than its diameter.
    • The hydraulic stamping method or deep drawing press is applied to produce products that meet urgent human needs, including household goods (cans, metal food boxes, jars…), equipment and tools. Household (sink, basket, basin), fire protection equipment (fire extinguisher) etc.
    • Over 40 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing, including hydraulic stamping. 83MEC has invested in modern and specialized machinery lines to meet the increasing production needs. Proof of the production efficiency of hydraulic stamping technology at 83MEC is the products that are supplied to the market and exported to international markets, notably the products of grills and spheres exported to Europe that bring significant value.
    • At 83MEC, there is an investment in modern and specialized machinery and equipment, such as:
      – 100T Hydraulic Press
      – 800T Hydraulic Press
      – Horizontal hydraulic press
      – Hydraulic press CU-630
    • ….
    • The investment in specialized machinery and equipment is the basis for 83MEC to be confident that its technological capacity can fully meet customers’ processing requirements in the deep drawing stamping field. We specialize in receiving stamping processing from simple to complex details, ensuring quality with competitive prices.


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