2 Nozzles Fire Hydrant

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Trụ cứu hỏa 2 cửa Bộ Quốc Phòng
Trụ cứu hỏa 2 cửa Bộ Quốc Phòng
Fire Fighting Products

2 Nozzles Fire Hydrant 

2 Nozzles Fire Hydrant is a specialized fire fighting device installed in combination with the water supply system to supply water to fire engines and extinguish fires in a timely manner.

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Product code THN.00

  • To ensure good fire prevention, it is impossible not to mention fire protection products, in which 2-door fire hydrants are becoming more popular based on the improved design with outstanding advantages. 83MEC has researched, improved and manufactured the ‘BQP 2-door fire hydrant’ product to provide various fire protection products to the market.
  • The 2-door fire hydrant is manufactured by 83MEC(Ministry of Defense), meets the design standards of TCVN 6379-1998 and the quality standards of ISO 9001: 2015.
  • The pole head is made of cast iron with good bearing capacity, the base is DN100 flange, and 2 DN65 outlets are connected to the fire hydrant
  • DN65 through the connector, located in the upper position, is a locking valve system used to open and close the water supply.
  • Products manufactured by are tested and stamped by the Fire Fighting and Prevention Police.
  • Products with anti-counterfeiting stamps (QR code).
  • 24 months warranty from the date of delivery.
  • Design specifications: TCVN 6379 -1998
  • Material – Color: Iron – Red
  • Outlet inner diameter: 57mm
  • Bolt hole center diameter: 180mm
  • Bolt hole diameter: 18mm
  • Number of revolutions when opening the valve: 12 revolutions
  • Link flange: D220
  • Operating pressure: PN10-PN16
  • Weight: 1,2kg
  • Size: 395x225x255mm
  • Origin: Viet Nam


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